This project is high-impact at low-cost.  For a full season (4 months) of PhD-level ecosystem research on the SV Bangarang, our $10,000 budget is less than that of operating a Scripps research vessel for half a day. We are cost-effective because Eric owns, operates, and maintains the research vessel himself. The down side to this, however, is that finding support for vessel maintenance is difficult through conventional research grants.

In two previous Indiegogo campaigns, an incredible $16,000 was raised for this project. Most of these funds have gone to making vital repairs to the research vessel, which has now been transformed from a scrappy 35-yr old sailboat to a sparkling research machine.

As my time frame for funding the field season draws to a close, I’m left with two major needs:

Unexpected repairs: $4,000.  
Repair costs this winter have been unexpectedly high, and have depleted my budget for actually conducting the research.

Thermosalinograph: $4000
This research instrument measures the temperature and salinity of surface waters as I conduct visual surveys. This will allow me to determine high-resolution habitat preferences for seabirds, whales and their prey and will vastly compound the value of the data I’m already collecting.

Regardless of whether I reach my fundraising mark, all support I receive will go a long, long way in making Season Two happen.


Photograph by Janie Wray, NCCS

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