Bangarang Backgrounders are imperfect but rigorous reviews, written in haste, in an effort to organize and memorize the key information for every aspect of the project. They will be updated regularly as new learnin’ is incorporated.

Place, People & Policy
The Kitimat Fjord System: Annotated bibliography
The Gitga’at and other Coastal First Nations
– Fuel Trafficking in the Great Bear
– Whales, seabirds and Enbridge: How the project’s risks were assessed.
– Policy & Protection: Conservation in the Pacific Northwest

Biological Oceanography
– The BC Coast: Geology, meterology and oceanography
– Fjords! Their oceanography, especially in the Kitimat Fjord System.
Plankton Processes: Zoogeographic patterns and processes in BC waters
Euphausiids of the coastal northeast Pacific
Forage Plankton in the Kitimat Fjord System
– Forage Fish of the BC coast.
Fisheries in the Kitimat Fjord System
Whaling in British Columbia
Marine Tetrapods of the Kitimat Fjord System
– Natural history of fin whales
– How to Lunge Feed: Expert tips from the largest whales.
Tidal-Trophic Events: The moon, topography, and feeding frenzies.

Designing zooplankton nets: a manual
Plummet nets: a history
Krill & Light: Blind-side samplin’ the squirrely buggers
Hydroacoustics: the basics
– The SOFAR Channel, a principle of underwater sound propagation
– How Many: Principles of Bangarang density estimation
– Fin whale studies from land with the North Coast Cetacean Society