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She was laid down in 1937 and formally commissioned a week after the pearl harbor attack in late 1941. Navy carrier planes north of okinawa 7 april 1945.

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The yamato class battleships 大和型戦艦 yamato gata senkan were two battleships of the imperial japanese navy ijn yamato and musashi laid down leading up to world war ii and completed as designed a third hull laid down in 1940 was converted to an aircraft carrier shinano during construction.

Hotel yamato battleship. Japanese battleship yamato blows up following massive attacks by u s. The two battleships with elite commanders stayed safe in port at the truck islands now chuuk islands until spring 1944. An escorting destroyer is at left.

The yamato was a colossal battleship. The largest battleship ever constructed yamato was completed shortly after the pearl harbor attack displacing 63 000 tons and carrying nine 18 guns. Us naval history and heritage command.

Named after the ancient japanese yamato province yamato was designed to counter the numerically superior battleship fleet of the united states japan s main rival in the pacific. It weighed 71 000 tons when fully loaded and was armed with nine heavy guns that could morris tells us fire projectiles weighing nearly two tons to a. Attacking in three waves sb2c helldiver dive bombers pummeled the battleship with bombs and rockets while tbf avenger torpedo bombers assaulted yamato.

Remember a large part of the reason for the hotel yamato nickname was because she rarely put to sea partly because of her excessive fuel consumption and partly because of the effects on national morale if a ship named for the country was sunk the same reason that the most recent effort at a uss united states by the usn got renamed the truman during construction. Sunk in desperate circumstances off okinawa. The ssaf comprised just 10 ships.

The first and foremost of these was the mighty battleship yamato the world s largest dreadnought and pride of the ijn. While idle they were dubbed inn musashi and hotel yamato given. Displacing 72 000 long tons 73 000 t at full load the completed battleships were the.

Photographed from a uss yorktown cv 10 plane.

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