The boat’s next adventure

It has not yet sunk in, but the fact is that the RV Bangarang has a new owner. A couple, actually, who was attracted to the vessel not only because of the extensive upgrades we’ve made in the last four years, but also because of the name: they were childhood sweethearts once, and now after decades apart they have reunited. A story of the keeping true to the dreams of thy youth, if I’ve ever heard one.

If it had not been for the immeasurable peace, joy and adventures of the 2016 post-research writing season aboard the Bangarang, I would not be this placid about being boatless once more. But we’ve had our time, it was incredible, and we didn’t let a second of it go to waste. To live is an awfully big adventure.

The boat has moved on, but the Bangarang project is not over. Now we’ve got to tell our story, and we’ve got to make a difference. In words, in data tables, in film, in dissertation. This was always bigger than the boat, always bigger than the degree. Adventures rarely end when they are planned to.


Photo by Luke Padgett.

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