Season 3, Leg 2 complete

Check out the data report here, complete with the most memorable images from the leg.


  •  Second oceanographic circuit complete.
  •  30 photo-IDs gathered on the summer solstice!
  •  Extensive red tide blooms sweep through fjord system.
  •  Water clarity triples in central channels.
  •  Schools of herring found in outer channels, sand lance along most shallow shorelines.
  •  Many more euphausiids occurring in inner channel tows.
  •  The area’s bubble-net feeding group of humpbacks is now at large in the outer channels.
  •  Bigg’s killer whales far inland
  •  Large groups of n whales feeding in north Squally.
  •  Humpbacks move further inland, into northern channels of Gil Basin
  •  Canada Day and Fourth of July celebrations!

This and other field reports can also be found here.

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