Team Bangarang

The Bangarang flies only because loved ones do not let it fall. There has been a bit of adversity throughout every chapter of this adventure, more in some than in others. Too often I have been close to walking away from it. But it is not myself who has kept me tied to the mast. It’s the friends and family who believe in it more than I do. No one has ever discouraged me in this project. That’s quite a blessing to bear.

My endless thanks to everyone, especially those who have sat with me at the dock while the engine mess has unraveled these last months.

Photo Apr 11, 18 45 42

Photo May 11, 20 04 03 (1)

Photo May 28, 18 49 18

Photo May 23, 12 05 16

Photo Jun 15, 13 02 29

Photo Jun 06, 8 28 15





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