Season 2 Update

We were supposed to begin Season 2 about 1.5 months ago. Unfortunately fate has dealt a bitter hand to the Bangarang. We won’t be taking data anytime before mid-August. Here’s a brief update of the debacle that has ensued.

In April I had my sailboat’s engine rebuilt by a shop in Seattle and its exhaust system overhauled by a shop in Olympia, WA. Only two hours after installation the new engine seized. Saltwater intrusion through the exhaust seems to have been involved, but no surveyor can pinpoint problems in the work of the builder or the exhaust installer. Neither shop is accepting responsibility for the problem. For the last month, the conflict has been escalating towards legal action.

Photo Jun 22, 20 43 49

In an effort to salvage part of the research season — and to separate the legal trouble from the need to get back on the water — we have bought a brand new Yanmar engine. It’s what I should have done originally. The new engine should be installed by the end of the week. Then sea trials, then adjustments, then a trip up the Inside Passage.

In the end, in the best case, we will lose 3/4 of Season 2. This reality is difficult. One that I cannot dwell on without much pain. But as always, the Bangarang will make the most of it.  It has been carried through this tough time by the people who know it best and support it most: the crew from last year and the people who continue, for some reason, to give it the benefit of the doubt.

Photo Jun 22, 20 44 18

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