Whales, birds, and Enbridge


In an August 2012 TV ad, Enbridge depicted a clear and open path (left pane) from the Kitimat Marine Terminal, where the oil pipeline would deliver crude bitumen oil to supertankers, out to the open Pacific Ocean. To paint this picture, they deleted approx. 1,000 sq. km. of islands from the tanker route (right pane) that passes right through the Bangarang study area (and constitutes the terrestrial territory of the Gitga’at First Nation). Read more in this article from Huffington Post.

The Bangarang Project is trying to give these waters the baseline study they deserve before any major changes are imposed. It is important, therefore, to bear in mind how baselines have already been assessed by industry and the standards by which fuel trafficking projects in the area are evaluated. This Backgrounder examines how risks to marine mammals and seabirds in the Kitimat Fjord System were assessed for the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline.

This and other Backgrounders, including the related “Fuel Trafficking” review, can be found on the Reports page.

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