The Scientific Community


I’m receiving help that I could have never predicted or imagined. The more I meet with people to discuss my idea, the more ideas, the more opportunities, and the more help. Thousands and thousands of research dollars saved over the course of a single conversation.

A CTD, fluorometer, and cage from Ralf – in one email the scientific merit of my study is compounded many times over. Nets, cod ends, and advice from Linsey.  A vintage dissecting microscope from the Dayton lab. A full morning of orientation in coastal phytoplankton monitoring from Mary. Deals on Mustang coats from Christian. So much from Jay that I can’t keep track. In a single phone conversation with Andy, a complete inventory of ruggedized, professional-grade photographic equipment. Tools, tools, tools from friends and family. A floor to sleep on from John and Gretchen. Survival suits from CRC. Time and opinions from SIO researchers.

And behind each of these surprises, which are presented to me so simply and suddenly, is an enormous amount of deliberation, good faith, and neighborliness that I may not ever be in the position to pay back.


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